ReCycled Freeware | A whole new life for your sound effects libraries

March 17, 2020| We Sound Effects

During last few months we have been developing a software tool for creating end-less variations from your sound effects libraries.

Finally this new tool is ready and it`s called RECYCLED

ReCycled is a 64Bit standalone software developed for creating new sounds from your existing sound effects libraries. By changing several parameters in real-time it allows re-designing your sounds on a dynamic, funny, easy and quick way.

A whole new life for your sound libraries.

Main features:

  • Sample Editor Window: Select a specific audio section for processing.
  • Playback Speed: 10% to 400%.
  • Reverse Playback.
  • Pitch: -24 to 24 semitones.
  • Dynamic Pitch: Increase/decrease pitch automatically within the chosen range.
  • LFO: 1Hz to 40 Hz.
  • Dynamic LFO: Increase/decrease LFO rate automatically within the chosen range.
  • Phasor.
  • 2 vst/au plugin sections.
  • Random Settings Generator.
  • XY Pad for user-friendly dynamic effects processing.
  • Process & save any sound within 1-click
  • Midi.
  • Rewire.

Available for Mac & Windows.

Recycled is included for FREE on any order at We Sound Effects.

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