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March 20, 2020| We Sound Effects

Take a breath on your always busy day! These are great game audio, films sound, immersive audio, location sound, pro audio and sound experiences podcast series to keep you updated on the latest techniques, tips, discussions and fascinating stories.

In-depth discussions, experiences, interviews, masterclasses, conversations and much more to stimulate your sound thinking mind.

Sound Matters | Do we really appreciate the sound around us?
Tonebenders | In-depth discussions between award-winning sound designers in film & television about their work, collaborations & careers.
Twenty Thousand Hertz | The stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.
UKB Happy Funtime Hour | For those interested in sound mixing and audio engineering.
Soundworks Podcast | Interviews with the sound crews, composers, and songwriters that create the soundscapes & score for a particular piece of work.
Soundbytes | The sound design for video games.
Hanging Out With Audiofiles | The world of music production.
Voices of VR Podcast | VR and spatial audio.
The Mastering Show | Audio mastering podcast.
Inmersive Audio | VR audio talks.
Location Sound | Location sound recording.
Sound Design Live | Pro audio podcast series.
The Right Stuff | Audio for film.
Indie Game Audio | Game audio development for indie games.
Sound Design Academy | Conversations and guides for a better sound design.
Every Thing Sounds | Explore the role of sound in our every day lives.
Audio Now Cast | Audio professionals talking about the industry.
Dolby Institute Podcast | Oscar nominees and winners sound designers talk about their experiences working for films.


Soundworks Collection | The Sound of 1917 – Oscar Podcast 2020

As a large-scale historical film, 1917 creates an intense and realistic soundscape of World War I. In this episode, the sound team, nominated for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing, talk about the challenges and fun experiences that arose from this film.

In part 1, ADR and dialogue supervisor Rachael Tate talk about blending the unique amount of sound coverage into the film, trying to work with minimum ADR, and making sure that even background chatter is historically realistic.

In part 2, production sound mixer Stuart Wilson shares challenges with mic placements, the importance of on-set sound for creating realistic tension, and the trust and communication among the production.

Tonebenders | COVID and The Sound Community Roundtable

In this episode, Tonebenders welcome Kate Finan and Jeff Shiffman. They are the co-owners of BoomBox post in California. They have spent recent days getting as much a head of the current COVID Virus quarantines as possible.

Setting up workers to work from home, massive IT infrastructure upgrades and a million things you never normally think about. Plus Tim René and Teresa talk about how they are adjusting in their own workflows.

Dolby Institute | The Sound of Black Panther

Composer Ludwig Göransson and supervising sound editor Steve Boeddeker talk about the collaboration of sound design and score in Black Panther, the integration of African music into a traditional symphonic score, and how the sound design of futuristic Wakanda technology and weaponry is influenced by West African sounds (like a bird becoming the sound of a passing spaceship).

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