Ambisonics – Zoo

Immerse yourself with this collection of ambisonic zoo atmospheres, comprised of animal soundscapes ranging from grumpy flamingos, screaming gibbons, loud lories, curious geese, vocal chimpanzees, amongst other residents of Lisbon’s Zoo. You’ll also find plenty of crowd recordings, ranging from very quiet and distant conversations, to people passing-by from multiple directions and chair-lift discussions, all in different languages.

The zoo’s staff was kind enough on allowing me to record before opening hours, so you’ll find neutral soundscapes because of this, alongside regular crowded ambiences, giving you flexibility on how to use these sounds for your projects.

All sounds were recorded with RØDE’s NT-SF1 ambisonic microphone and given the nature of this particular format, you can easily convert these B Format audio files onto any desired format (like regular stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 surround) with the correct plug-in, like RØDE’s own SoundField, which happens to be free to download. These are raw recordings where little to no hum or hiss removal techniques were applied.

If you wish to support the animal conservation efforts of Lisbon’s Zoo, you can do so either as a company or as an individual. Given the ever-growing labors of zoos and shelters worldwide to protect and breed endangered species, every bit of support or exposure helps. Know how you can do your part through the hyperlinks above or contact your local sanctuaries for more information.

  • Files: 61 | Size: 21.0 GB | Runtime: 164 Min | Sampling Rate: 192kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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