Angry Door 192

The doors are very kind, but don’t make them angry. They could lose their temper resulting in a very noisy bang.

This library enriches the sfx world with new door and gate objects, both source and designed, with variety of expressive actions and perspectives. The everyday usual noises along with fantasy stimulating sounds – e.g. deep “dungeon” metal door, high pitch squeaking wire-netting gate, heavy church gate and so on. To make the slams and smashes even more hard, heavy and dirty, wildly designed “Angry” versions have been added.

Library highlight:
18 door and gate objects, recorded in old, gloomy houses and a church
• 6.29 GB, 645 files, several takes for each action
• “Close-Up”, “Near”, “Middle” and “Behind” perspectives in selected cases, plus mix of them
192khz/24 bit including ultrasonic information- the greatest resolution for next design processes
Sound Devices MixPre6, Sanken CO100K, Sennheiser MKH30, DPA 4007, DPA 4060, Schertler Dyn Uni P48
Photo reference for each object

Here are all the sound actions and maybe even more than you would expect. Openings, shuts, knockings, bangs, slams and “Angry” slams, door kicks and kick outs with “Angry” versions, squeaks, creaks, movements in the hinges, rumbles, locking and unlocking, handle shaking, door squaking, falling off plaster, sound of keys falling down on the ground.

Recorded on up to 5 mics, you will find these perspective variations for selected sound objects:

Close-Up” – mono mix usually consisting of DPA 4060 layer as a handle perspective. DPA 4007 has been used to catch hard, loud slams. And Schertler Dyn Uni P48 contact mic helps to support low-mid frequency body in some cases.

Near” and “Middle” perspectives – recorded on Sanken CO100K and Sennheiser MKH30, this stereo mix offers both details and distance characteristics, including a colorful stereo image.

Behind” perspective – used the same mic setup like before, but placed on the other side of the door – in a completely different acoustic-reverberant environment.

  • Files: 600 (1.400+ Sounds) | Size: 6.29 GB | Runtime: 103 Min | Sampling Rate: 192kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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