Dark SciFi Drones + Construction Kit | Bundle

The “Dark SciFi Drones + Construction Kit” bundle contains a collection of very disturbing and scary futuristic spaceship ambiences, Sci-Fi Drones and organic, surreal alien-atmospheres.

This special bundle gets you both full mixes, as well as drones carefully split into logical frequency layers for maximum flexibility and better control.

It allows you to do your own mix of these elements, and you can mix and combine the different layers across the ambiences per drag & drop to create nearly endless variations. It also makes it easy to do creative up-mixes to surround.

Dark SciFi Drones Construction Kit audio preview:


  • Files: 379 | Size: 13.1 GB | Runtime: 379 Min | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

Dark Scifi Drones

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Dark Scifi Drones Construction Kit

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