Footstep Loops II

Editing footsteps in audio post production can be time consuming. Footstep Loops II is a sound library which delivers a comprehensive kit of footstep sound effects made to ease your daily work. The collection contains footstep sounds of various shoes and surfaces, recorded in different paces and edited to continuous but lively 30-second sound loops. VARIETY The Footstep Loops II Sound Library covers a wide range of different footsteps: Barefoot, Socks, Slippers, Flip-Flops, Sneakers on Wood, Sneakers on Concrete, Boots on Wood, Boots on Concrete, Heels on Wood, Heels on Stone; Grass, Gravel, Forest, Foliage, Dry Foliage, Stones, Puddle, Mud, Snow; Stairs up + down: Wooden Stairs, Metal Stairs, Stone Stairs Variety PACE Each type of footsteps is available as a set of 13 sound files that represent a range from walking very slowly up to very speedy. Paces are sorted by Footsteps per Minute (FPM): Ground Footsteps: from 40 FPM to 160 FPM Stairs Footsteps: from 60 FPM to 180 FPM (up) / from 80 FPM to 200 FPM (down) Pace LAYER Since all (ground) footstep loops have the same FPM paces, they can be layered easily. E.g. you can add a puddle sound element to sneakers walking on concrete etc. Layer CLOTHING You can add clothing as a layer to make the movements sound more natural. The sounds of jeans & jacket fit to all ground footsteps. Furthermore, versions with well-balanced clothing sounds of all main footstep loops are already included as ready-to-use files! Clothing ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS Some experimental elements are also included in the library: 2 layers of floor creaks and one layer that adds the sound of keys in the pocket while walking. Additional Elements TIME-COMPRESS Paces of the sound loops included in the Footstep Loops II sound library increase in steps of 10 FPM each. If you need a value in between, time-compress the file just a tiny bit Рthe quality loss is almost inaudible in modern digital audio workstations. Time-Compress

All sounds from this library are included in:

Diversity - General Sound FX Library

  • Files: 661 | Size: 5.3 GB | Runtime: 331 Min | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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