General Ambience Series – Nightscapes 01

This is one of the biggest and most diverse night-time ambience sound effects libraries on the market. More than 100 hours of recording production time has gone into this release. This is literally worth one month of good and healthy sleep.

Fall has come and it is getting colder, the nights are getting longer and I ventured out into the dark to capture those magical moments at midnight. Hear lush wind rushing though the cornfields and relaxing cricket choruses sooth you into the night. Be witness of amorous foxes exercising their considerable vocal talents with their terrific barks and unsettling vixen screams. Hear eerie forest ambiences featuring screeching owls and lonely wolves howling in the pitch-black dark, perfectly suited for your next horror movie production.

Listen to the magical silence of dormant villages and moody church bells ringing in the distance providing you that uncomfortable ghost town mood. The scene that I recorded could be so quiet, that I was really pushing the limit of my Sennheiser MKH 8000 Microphones. When it gets that quiet, single sound events can travel longer through the air that they literally melt into the background and get a part of the ritual of silence that happens every night providing to the careful listener those special moments.

Nights in the Suburbs consist of very light pedestrian and traffic activity. You can hear quiet streets, dogs barking and cats yowling and hissing in the distance. The anthrophonic sounds do dominate, but they are much lighter and more reduced than during the day. This is especially true for urban nights, where you still got the most human activity at night, but it’s still more reduced that during the day. This is especially true for traffic noises. Wide square really begin to shine with a more reduced background noise level.

I also tried to highlight the more subtle buzzing and hum sounds to build you a nice construction set for you ambience design toolkit. With a huge number of very reduced background elements and air tones, you gain a lot of control over your backgrounds. What makes this library special, besides human and wildlife nighttime activity, is that you will find a lot of far and very far perspectives, due to the reduced general background level.

In addition, is this library is manly bird free (besides the species that are active at nigh). You get urban city ambiences that aren’t too busy. You get a variety of environments like cemetery, forest or urban riverside at night. Due to the reduced nature of the ambiences, and the lack of birds, they include a lot of geographically unspecific exteriors, which can be handy for any type of production.

  • Files: 142 | Size: 29.5 GB | Runtime: 670 Min | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit-32Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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