Mind States

Mind States is an experimental sound library that includes different types of tones known for altering the state of mind of the listener

The thoughts and emotions of an individual are communicated by neurons within the brain. The interaction of neurons causes brainwaves and these vary according to the mental state of the individual. With an external stimulus like audio, we can synchronise brainwaves to the frequency of the audio and attain a desired mental state. This is achieved using Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats or Isochronic Tones, where the difference between two tones is perceived as a pulsating ‘Beat’ which sychronises with Brainwaves.

This library is created by our specialist team who have designed sound and music for some of the world’s most respected spa/relaxation companies. Our Audio Craftsmen have researched and experimented, creating different tones in different frequency ranges to trigger different psychological responses. The files were created using the purest tone generators available so that the brain will not be disturbed by additional harmonics of the waveforms.

These are categorised into Delta waves (0.1Hz to 4Hz), associated with deep sleep and relaxation; Theta waves (4Hz to 8Hz), linked to REM sleep, meditation and relaxation; Alpha waves (8Hz to 13Hz), which are responsible for positivity, anxiety, fast learning etc; Beta waves (13Hz to 30Hz), linked to increased concentration, alertness; Gamma waves (30hz and above), when we are in peak awareness, tension etc.

Our library consists of Binaural Beats, Monoaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and Solfeggio Frequencies which are said to alter brainwaves. Each of these include tones covering the full spectrum of brainwave categories. All files are in 24Bit 96KHz, totaling 7.2GB.

This bundle is a perfect choice for Spa and meditation centers. Also, these tones can be used for experimental music, films, ASMR, and even for self listening. No doubt, you will be getting an exceptional audio experience in your projects with this library. Try combining our tones to build your own unique experiences!

Here are the included folders:

⦁ Binaural Beats: Two pure tones of slightly different frequencies are played together (one tone per ear).

⦁ Monaural Beats: Similar to Binaural Beats, except the two tones are played in mono, and the resulting difference in the tones are perceived as a separate tone in our brain. Monaural Beats are considered to be more effective than Binaural Beats and can be played through one speaker.

⦁ Isochronic Tones: These are single tones turning on and off at regular intervals, which results in a rhythmic pulse. These are widely used for Brainwave Entertainment.

⦁ Solfeggio Frequencies: These frequencies were used in the ancient 6-tone scale, and believed to be used in several ancient sacred music styles. These tones are said to have capabilities in promoting various aspects of physical and mental health.

⦁ Pads: An additional folder that includes a variety of soft and focussed pads, perfect for layering with the included tonal elements.

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  • Files: 240 | Size: 7.2 GB | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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