Static Space

In between epic space battles…there is Static Space. Face it: space is really huge, and generally boring. What are the sounds of dull routine flights running supplies to the shoulder of Orion and back? Engines trundling at warp 3.2; corridors empty with the crew in cryo-sleep and nothing on sub-space talk-radio again?

Static Space is a collection of 155 space or Sci-Fi sound effects, focused on continuous, seamless loops. Instead of fly-by’s and accelerations, you get the sounds of space ships going at cruise speeds or idling. If you need motion, just add panning, fades and doppler as you like. Here are plenty of loops for designing alien environments, including engine rooms, general room tones, strange transmissions and more. Additionally, I have made sure to add plenty of variety; both in terms of moods, frequency content and tonality.

Some of these are unmistakably space sound effects, while others are more ambiguous, and could be used for other high tech environments as well. You will find both low- and high end sweeteners, so when ever you see the words “rumble” or “low end” in a file name; watch that master fader! Furthermore, I went for a strong, almost musical tone, in some sounds, while others are much more noise-based and abrasive. Sound sources for Static Space include field recordings mangled beyond recognition, as well as software and hardware synths. My DIY analog modular really delivered, especially when it came to shrieking, abrasive noises and static. Good (if painful) fun.

Good for:

  • Sci-Fi atmospheres
  • Space ships
  • Drones & rumbles
  • Files: 155 | Size: 1.28 GB | Runtime: 46 Min | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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