The Sampling Handbook Premium Bundle

The ultimate guide to creating your own Kontakt sample library from scratch including recording, editing and scripting it for Kontakt!

Written by Marcus Huyskens, the Sampling Handbook (105 pages) is jam packed with all of the information required for you to create your own sample library. The eBook is broken down into 3 main sections:

Chapter 1: The Tracking Session (17 pages) – choosing your instrument,  pre-planning your recording session, choosing microphones and pre-amps, setting the correct recording levels, setting up your environment and more.

Chapter 2: Editing (46 pages) – noise reduction in samples, pre-processing, pitch correction, workflow, chopping samples, transients (responsive or even performance), fades, naming structure and more.

Chapter 3: Programming for Kontakt (67 pages) – getting started (the basics of Kontakt), extending key ranges, working with groups and round robins, using automap, adding effects, adding factory scripts, adding a custom wallpaper, adding custom impulse responses, exporting your instrument and more.


Pre-planning Phase: Learn how to choose which instrument to record, how to best pre-plan your recording session, choose which microphones and pre-amps to use and how to get your recording environment set up correctly.

Recording Session: Learn about how best to set your recording levels, how to organise your session, tips for working with the session player, how to manage the instrument, how to keep tuning consistent and more.

Editing Session: Learn how best to use noise reduction on samples, pre-processing, pitch correction, session organisation, workflow, the waveform, chopping samples, transients, fades and fade types, naming structure, exporting your samples and more.

Kontakt Scripting: Learn the basics of Kontakt scripting, extending the key ranges, working with groups & round robins, using automap, adding effects, adding factory scripts, adding custom wallpapers, adding a custom impulse response, exporting your instrument and more!



The Premium Bundle consists of all of the resources available to help you in the world of sampling.

  • The Sampling Handbook eBook
  • Kontakt Script: A Beginners Guide eBook
  • An audiobook version of The Sampling Handbook.
  • Mario Krušelj interview.
  • Sales & Marketing Manual eBook.
  • Website Hosting & eCommerce Guide eBook.
  • Huge video series to accompany the Sampling Handbook,
  • WAV files for you to practice with.

Kontakt Script: A Beginner’s Guide | Kontakt scripting for beginner and intermediate levels.

Written by Sam Windell, this eBook is the perfect guide to scripting for Kontakt and the KSP language. Its 55 pages in total and written for someone with no experience or some experience with Kontakt scripting. The eBook is laid out in 3 main sections:

Chapter 1: The Scripting Language (23 pages) – what is a script, learning the language, loading a script, how scripts are read, callbacks, user defined variables, user defined array variables, UI variables, variable persistence, built in variables, events, maths, conditional code, functions, PGS, good practices and more

Chapter 2: The KS Editor (13 pages) – the KS editor, installing the KS editor, sublime text 3, saving KSP to a text file, local variables, improved appearance, inlined functions, macros, properties, importing scripts and more

Chapter 3: Graphics (8 pages) – accompany text file, scripting an image to a UI control, different graphics types, controls that cannot be changed, how to make graphics for Kontakt, layering and more.

The Sampling Handbook: Audiobook

Too busy to read the entire Sampling Handbook? Pop the audiobook onto your iPod and listen to it on the go or in your car! Its available in 128kbps MP3 format and narrated in an easy to digest manner.
Have a listen to the sample in the Soundcloud Player!

Mario Krušelj aka “Evil Dragon” Interview

1 hr audio interview with Mario Krušelj aka “Evil Dragon”

In this audio interview, Mario discusses a number of topics over the course of an hour including:

  • His background and early stages of his career
  • How he began Kontakt scripting
  • Different companies and projects he has worked on (eg. Sonokinetic, Output, Impact Soundworks etc.)
  • What were the most interesting projects he has worked on and why
  • What advice he would give to someone starting off in the industry
  • What some of the most common types of scripting jobs he is hired for
  • Where will the sample library industry be in 5-10 years time (will there be new samplers eg. UVI Falcon)
  • Top tips for scripting in Kontakt

Sales & Marketing Manual

Information & advice from a store owner who turns over €250k per year

VSTBuzz is a music software store offering deals on some of the best music software in the industry. In 2015, the store turned over more than €255,000 so Emmett has a lot of experience in selling software.  The eBook is divided into 4 main chapters:

Chapter 1: Sales (14 pages) – Finding the right price for your product, pricing strategies, product differentiation, copywriting & more

Chapter 2: Boosting Revenue (4 pages) – Systems for increasing revenue, cross – selling and upselling at checkout, customer rewards, recover abandoned cart & more.

Chapter 3: Marketing: The Launch (10 pages) – Press releases, reviews, email marketing & more

Chapter 4: Marketing: Post-Launch (26 pages) – Tools for growth (subscribe forms, competitions, automated email marketing etc.), advertising (Facebook, conversion pixels, custom audiences, advert types etc.), analytics, useful marketing tools & more.

Web Hosting & eCommerce Guide

The perfect resource for getting your website setup from scratch

This guide offers you a great overview of how to get started with setting up your own store from choosing your domain name, the whole way to setting up your payment solutions. The eBook is split into 3 main sections:

Chapter 1 – Website (8 pages) – setup & hosting, domain name, hosting companies, platforms/CMS, development, plugins, design & more.

Chapter 2 – e-Commerce (3 pages) – payment solutions, paypal, VATMOSS & more

Chapter 3 – Usesful tools (1 page)

The Sampling Handbook: Video Series

A huge video series which is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the materials. There are 15 videos in total, each covering a different topic in detail:

  • Video 1: Introduction (19 mins)
  • Video 2: Pre-processing (52 mins)
  • Video 3: Pitch correction (29 mins)
  • Video 4: Pro Tools Editing Tips (21 mins)
  • Video 5: Editing Workflows – Part 1 (12 mins)
  • Video 6: Editing Workflows – Part 2 (38 mins)
  • Video 7: Exporting Your Samples (5 mins)
  • Video 8: Batch Renaming Samples (12 mins)
  • Video 9: Kontakt Mapping Editor – Working With Zones (18 mins)
  • Video 10: Creating Your Kontakt Instrument – Working With Groups (14 mins)
  • Video 11: Creating Your Instrument – Using Automap (22 mins)
  • Video 12: The Resource Container (17 mins)
  • Video 13: Exporting Your Instrument (4 mins)
  • Video 14: Knob Man Overview (10 mins)
  • Video 15: Optimizing Your Workflow (7 mins)

Unedited Samples For Practice

There are 4 .WAV files included. Each of these .WAV files has multiple takes of the notes C3, D3, E3 and F3, played on a thumb piano in a studio with 3 dynamic layers for each take.

These samples are perfect to use in conjunction with the eBooks and video series to practice editing samples, pitch correction, batch renaming, mapping in Kontakt and creating and exporting your own Kontakt sample library.


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