UK Seaside Town & Theme Park

Step right up, step right up, UK Seaside Town & Theme Park contains a varied assortment of sounds recorded from a very popular seaside destination in the UK called Blackpool. We have covered many different areas in the town, including some of the tallest rollercoasters in Europe to close up sounds of waves lapping and interesting rail cars with unique horns. This library will be an amazing addition to sound designers looking for ambiences from a rarely recorded location and are perfect for using in films, documentaries, commercials, video games and other projects. Our team of Audio Craftsmen went through fascinating spots around Blackpool and captured the most interesting sounds ranging from rollercoaster pass-bys, screams of people riding a rollercoaster, crowd cheering in a circus venue and rock concert, exciting revs of motorbikes and cars, trains and trams passing by, ambiences from café, town centre, fish and chips shop, arcade, train station, beaches with seagulls, close up sounds of waves hitting the shore etc. Furthermore, there are sounds of people chattering, walking by, shouting, laughing, clapping, whistling and much, much more. All the included sounds are carefully edited and provided dry in 24 Bit, 96 kHz which allowing you for further sonic manipulation. Moreover, all the sounds are tagged with extensive metadata and are UCS complaint to effortlessly find the right sounds for your projects and drag them straight to your timeline.

  • Files: 35 | Size: 1.80 GB | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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