Ultimate Chess SFX

Ultimate Chess SFX is a collection of almost every sound you could ever hear in a chess game, from setting up the pieces to playing, to flipping the chessboard.

Being one the first large chess libraries ever recorded, we did extensive research to find which files Sound Effects Editors and Game Audio Designers would need + then included much, much more.

Our Audio Craftsmen recorded sounds of wooden chess board scrapes, opening-closing, all variations of chess pieces moving and capturing each other, chess pieces falling on different surfaces, pencil scribbles, chess clocks etc. All recorded in our acoustically treated Foley Suite.

We have also included 115+ spoken word effects of numbers, letters and other important terms used in a chess game, performed in a Neutral British Accent.

We then edited the sounds with meticulous detail, so that you can use them straight away in your films, games and other chess-related projects. All files are provided dry in 24Bit/96kHz allowing for further manipulation.

Let the game begin!

Here are the included folders:

Chess Board: Sounds of opening and closing, scrapes, taps, punching and flipping the chessboard.

Chess Pieces: This folder contains 5 subcategories:

  1. Capturing: Different variations of chess pieces capturing each other.
  2. Dropping: Collection of dropping chess pieces on surfaces like wood, concrete etc.
  3. Movements: Sounds of pieces moving and sliding across the chessboard.
  4. Rolling: Roling sounds of chess pieces.
  5. Misc: Sounds of chess pieces falling, setting and clearing the chessboard etc.

Clock: Ticking clocks, stopwatches and winding up timers.

Pencil Writing: Pencil scribbling sounds on paper, dropping and taking pencils from a wooden table.

Voices: All numbers, letters and important terminology used in chess games performed in a British Accent. We also included multiple variations of tense breathing.

  • Files: 605 | Size: 883 MB | Sampling Rate: 96kHz/24Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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