Videogame Foley Essentials Vol. I

Videogame Foley Essentials was created with the goal of assisting all editors and sound designers alike on their newly found videogame ventures, ready to satisfy all your foley needs.

You’ll find on this library the following folders with clear nomenclature and respective metadata pertaining to various interactions either with environmental objects or the characters you’ll find in the game itself:

  • Buttons & Switches: everything from simple button presses (of all shapes, sizes and materials, including light switches), to plugging-in sounds of plastic devices and simple mechanisms being interacted with.
  • Clothing & Accessories: quick and snappy movement sounds from pants and jackets of diverse materials for all weather conditions; backpacks, pouches, belt buckles, keychains and zippers jiggling; rummaging and dressing-up takes of all the aforementioned clothing pieces and accessories.
  • Doors: door handle one-shots ranging from old/decrepit wooden doors to slick/modern ones; closing and opening sounds of multiple door types; insertion, removal and turning sounds of keys on numerous locks; hinges creaking and screeching.
  • Drawers & Cupboards: all types of drawer sounds based on metallic and wooden surfaces, both with and without bearings; small office cabinet sounds; creaky and quiet cupboards with and without simple lock sounds.
  • Footsteps: numerous one-shots of different shoes on a neutral surface (two shoe types, boots, tap dancing shoes, high heel boots, medium heel shoes, slippers, pool slippers and barefoot), while also including certain ground textures (bark, dirt, dry leaves, dry pine tree leaves, gravel, different plants, sand and wet dirt).
  • Rummaging & Jiggling: textures being handled in several ways, from rummaging/dropping/dragging/handling/jiggling sounds of scrap, wood, metallic fragments, plastic and cardboard boxes, cans, plastic bottles, metal plates and plenty of other materials/interactions.

These sounds were created with videogame development in mind, meaning all sounds are short and snappy one-shots with dozens of iterations each, capable of being layered, stretched and bent with surprising results.

All audio files were mixed at the same volume level, carefully cleaned-up of any unnecessary background noise and artifacts ready to be dropped onto any audio middleware solution such as Wwise or FMOD.

The goal is to help the editor/sound designer on their workflow by simply dropping these ready-to-go sound batches on their middleware projects, avoiding auditory repetition and fatigue for the gamer whilst keeping them totally immersed on their upcoming adventures.

  • Files: 4394 | Size: 5.80 GB | Runtime: 134 Min | Sampling Rate: 192kHz/32Bit | Meta-Tagged: Yes

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