Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download purchased sound libraries?
Instant download. The purchased sound libraries are available immediately after the payment process. After the payment you`ll redirected to purchase confirmation page where you can download your order. At same time you`ll receive an email containing the order details and links to download your files

Please check your SPAM folder after processing any order, you should receive an order confirmation email including download links.

How fast are files download?
All files are hosted on Amazon S3 using several servers depending your location so downloads should be lightening-fast.

Can I get a discount if purchasing several sound libraries from the same vendor?
Yes, just email us before to place your order.

How can I pay my order?
You can pay via Paypal or credit/debit card. You don`t need a Paypal account to pay your orders.

How many times can I download my purchased sound libraries?
The sound libraries will available during one week and for 3 download attempts. After this period you`ll need to contact us if you need a new download link.

We strongly recommend to keep a copy of the purchased sound libraries on a safe location, we cannot guarantee you that any sound library will continue to be available on We Sound Effects. If a vendor removes a particular sound library from our catalogue we will not have access to this sound effects library so we cannot provide it to you anymore. But we can always help you to contact the sound library vendor.

How can I download the promotional/free content included within my order?
Free Bonus Content products must be added to your cart. Each Bonus Content product has a different promo code to be used at checkout to get it for free if you meet the order requirements. The promo codes can be found on each Bonus Content product page

Can I ask for a refund?
No. Given the nature of digital content, a refund or credit on a purchase is not allowed. All sales are final.

Is there a minimum/maximum price for sound libraries?
No, you can set any price. You always have full control over pricing scheme.

Do I need a Paypal account for receive commission payments?
Yes, you need a Paypal account. It`s free.

When and how much I get paid from each sale?
Commissions are paid monthly. You`ll get 70% commission from each sale as we charge 30% commission (the lowest in the industry). You`ll be notified in real-time via email after each sale.

Do I need to send invoices to receive commission payments?
No, you don`t need to send us any invoice. But as a vendor you`ll need to pay the income taxes associated to your country under your responsibility.

Do I must include metadata on my sound libraries?
No, but we all appreciate it as it saves time in the studio.

Can I set different prices for a sound library depending its content?
Yes, you can set different prices depending the content provided. For instance you can set different prices for stereo files, surround files and stereo+surround files.

How long take for a sound library to get published?
Usually it takes 24/48h, as we need to check files and product details to guarantee the maximum quality to our customers. You`ll be notified via email when your sound libraries are published and available online.

Can I set sale promotions and promo codes for my sound libraries?
Yes, just email us and we will make it happens for you.

Do I need to include EULA on my sound libraries?
If you have it just include it within your zip/rar file. But no worries if you don`t have it, all sales made on We Sound Effects are ruled by our EULA. All rights always belongs to you, you`re just granting the right to use your sound libraries on comercial and non comercial projects.

How do I upload my sound libraries?
You can create and upload your sound libraries using the vendor dashboard. All files are securely uploaded and stored on Amazon S3. If you have any issues while uploading your sound libraries you can also paste the download link (Dropbox/Mega/S3/Private Server/…) and we will upload your files to our Amazon S3 server

Can I create sound libraries bundles?
Yes, you can create sound libraries bundles including some or all your sound libraries. You don`t need to upload again your bundled sound libraries within one zip/rar file, we will sort it out for you on our back-end before publishing the sound libraries bundle.

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