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AES Audio Engineering Society | Professional society devoted exclusively to audio technologies.
Association of Sound Designers | Sound designers association.
Audiokinetic | A place for audio professionals to share interactive audio ideas, news and beyond.
Audio Media | Technology and trends for audio professionals.
Avid | Great audio articles, news and tutorials on music creation, audio post production and live sound.
Creative Field Recording | Sound effects recording blog, including news, tips and tutorials.
Designing Sound | The art & technique of sound design. Sadly this blog has been discontinued on 2019 but it still offer a vast amount of useful content.
Gamedev | Music and sound effects forum.
Game Sound | Game audio articles and resources.
Game Sound Con | Game music, sound design and VR audio conference.
Game Sound Design | Sound design techniques, articles and reviews.
GDC Vault | Game Develeopers Conferende audio talks archive.
Gearslutz | Po audio website including news, tips, jobs, discussions, product alerts, competitions, events, reviews, interviews and much more.
Film Sound | Learning space dedicated to the art of film sound design.
IASIG | Interactive audio interest group for sharing knowledge, tips and techniques related to game audio, films, VR, multimedia & interective projects.
Soundworks Collection| Amazing sound for film and games interviews, podcast and videos.
Synthopia | Hardware and software tutorials, releases, reviews and news..
The Audio Mentoring Project | Free audio mentoring for game audio developers and projects.
Upload VR | VR audio news and articles.
Women`s Audio Mission | A nonprofit organization dedicated to inspire more women to get involved in the world of sound.

Tonebenders | In-depth discussions between award-winning sound designers in film & television about their work, collaborations & careers.
Twenty Thousand Hertz | The stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.
Soundworks Podcast | Interviews with the sound crews, composers, and songwriters that create the soundscapes & score for a particular piece of work.
Soundbytes | The sound design for video games.
Voices of VR Podcast | VR and spatial audio.
Inmersive Audio | VR audio talks.
Location Sound | Location sound recording.
The Right Stuff | Audio for film.
Indie Game Audio | Game audio development for indie games.

Ambeo Orbit | Binaural panner plugin.
Ambisonic Toolkit | Ambisonic tools kit for Reaper.
Ambix | Ambisonic plugin suite by Matthias Kronlachner.
Envelop | Open-source spatial audio production tools.
Gaudio Lab Works | Spatial audio plug-in for Virtual Reality.
IEM | Open-source audio plugin suite for spatial audio and ambisonics.
Janoma | Max/MSP audio and spatialisation toolset.
MCFX | Multichannel audio plug-in suite by Matthias Kronlachner.
Soundscape Renderer | Real-time spatial audio tool providing rendering algorithms as, Wave Field Synthesis, Ambisonics and Binaural techniques.
Sparta | Open-source VST audio plug-in suite for spatial audio production, reproduction and visualisation .
Spat | Software suite for spatialization of sound signals in real-time intended for musical creation, postproduction, and live performances.
Spatial Workstation | Software suite for designing spatial audio for 360 video and cinematic VR.
Spatium | Open source and modular software tools for sound spatialization.
Soundfield | Advanced ambisonic processing plugin.
X-Volver | Audio signals matrix convolution plugin up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs.
Wig Ware | Ambisonic utilities set designed by Bruce Wiggins.

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